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Queensland Government Dental restrictions now back to Level 1

Good news – as of Monday 11th May we are back down to level 1 Dental treatment restrictions. Which means that we are treating all patients who do not have clinical risk factors of COVID-19 or have been in association with infected people. What does this mean to our patients? We will continue to treat […]

Should I be worried about my amalgam fillings?

In today’s Internet age, with a seemingly infinite amount of information available, it sometimes seems harder than ever to find a definitive answer to even a simple question. Health-related matters are often the most widely covered subjects, which makes sifting through the various sources and opinions even more difficult. A perfect example of this is […]

Why 6-monthly dental check-ups are so important

It’s that time of the year again – seeing your dentist. You may not want to go, and may even consider cancelling the appointment, but don’t! Your dentist holds one of the keys to your overall health, both in the short- and long-term. If you remain undecided, here are four key reasons why your dental […]

Dr Martin Jest Dental Surgery COVID-19 Pandemic news update 27/03/2020

COVID-19 Update: Dr Martin Jest Dental surgery open for emergencies only to minimise risks to staff and to do our bit in preventing cross infection in the community Emergency Dental Treatment only Heeding advice from the Australian Dental Association Queensland Branch we are now keeping open only for emergency dental treatment. We are also undertaking […]

What to do about a dry mouth

What if my mouth always feels dry? If your mouth feels constantly dry, you may have a condition medically known as xerostomia, which occurs when saliva glands aren’t functioning properly. Not only can this result in drying of oral tissues and tongue, but it also causes chapped lips, sore angles of the mouth and even […]

Dental care tips for seniors

No matter how old you are, everyone can enjoy good oral health. The better you take care of your teeth and gums, the better the chance they will remain healthy. However, as you age, you may need to make some changes in your oral care so that you keep your natural teeth for longer. Here […]

How to keep children’s teeth healthy this holiday season

Children are more susceptible to cavities than adults. Even in children with healthy teeth, the enamel in their primary, or baby, teeth is much thinner that in adults. Once decay gets through this layer decay moves faster too. Protect Your Children’s Teeth During the Holidays Holiday treats and foods that are not part of the […]

Eat right for a healthy smile

Eating Affects your Teeth Eating habits determine the health and hygiene of your mouth as well as your general body health. Excessive intake of alcohol, junk food like pizza, burgers etc. can cause danger to your teeth and gums. Moreover if you are a sweet lover, then your health is at risk. This is because […]

How bad is coffee for my teeth?

Most people love their morning coffee. But, like many of our favourite foods and drinks, coffee can potentially cause problems for your teeth. What’s the problem with coffee Coffee contains tannins that stain teeth and creates acid that can damage tooth enamel. The addition of sweeteners also creates a bacterial playground in your mouth, setting […]