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Why it’s so important to look after your gums

Check out your smile. You probably don’t notice them, but your gums are an essential part of the healthy smile you see in the mirror. WHY ARE GUMS IMPORTANT? Your healthy gums consist of a pale pink tissue called the gingiva. This covers the bone and tissues that support the teeth with a tough layer […]

Are you brushing your teeth correctly?

Using proper technique when brushing your teeth is important. There’s much more to brushing your teeth than loading up your brush with toothpaste and sawing rapidly back and forth. What is the right technique? First of all, that sawing action is a no-no. It will damage your enamel and miss the debris between your teeth. […]

The 7 worst oral hygiene mistakes you need to avoid

Most people are taught tooth brushing basics by their parents whilst young and generally, this is a positive thing. But sometimes people are given brushing advice that negatively affects their teeth and the brushing habit continued over many years leads to dental problems. Here are 7 of the worst oral hygiene mistakes that should be […]

I’m too old for metal braces, what’s the alternative?

I’m too old for metal braces, what’s the alternative? Contrary to popular opinion, age is not a preventing factor when it comes to having orthodontic braces. At least, it is not a strong factor by itself. Therefore, you are never really too old for braces. There are, however, other things that might pose problems and […]

Get Your Composite Veneers With Zip Pay

Payment Plans  Why get dental veneers?  Dental veneers are wafer-thin shells made from either ceramic or a resin composite. They are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth to improve tooth shape, color, size, and alignment.  Dental veneers can assist in creating a straight, symmetrical, white smile and are an ideal solution for people wanting […]

Help to keep all your teeth into old age

Maintaining a healthy smile and keeping all of your teeth for the rest of your life is not only possible, but it should always be your goal. Modern dentistry and routine dental care can eliminate the need for dentures and prosthetics as we age. GOOD HABITS AND ROUTINE CARE Over time, eating, grinding our teeth, […]

Are mouthguards from the chemist ok?

Mouthguards provide teeth with protection from trauma for those who play contact sports. A mouthguard can also be used to stop teeth grinding that occurs during the night. These protective devices are available from dentists and chemists. While a mouthguard from the chemist is less expensive than one from the dentist, should you go with […]

Teeth healthy snacks for kids – Advice from a children’s dentist

With a little time and innovation, feeding your children dentist recommended snacks is an investment that will pay off for years to come. You’ll not only save on your dental bills, but your children will enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth from good snacking habits.  Getting your kids to eat teeth healthy snacks can be a challenge. The best […]