Are mouthguards from the chemist ok?

Mouthguards provide teeth with protection from trauma for those who play contact sports. A mouthguard can also be used to stop teeth grinding that occurs during the night. These protective devices are available from dentists and chemists. While a mouthguard from the chemist is less expensive than one from the dentist, should you go with this option? It’s important to understand the differences between chemist-bought and dentist-provided mouthguards and weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

Mouthguards from the chemist

Purchasing a mouthguard from the chemist offers convenience and a lower price tag. Instead of having to make an appointment with the dentist and go through the process of having a custom-made mouthguard created, you can select a ready-made one from the store and wear it right away. Due to the one-size-fits-all nature of mouthguards found at the chemist, they do not cost as much as the custom-made ones from the dentist. You also do not have to schedule follow-up visits in order to ensure a proper fit as you would with a custom-made mouthguard.

The disadvantages of mouthguards from the chemist

There are some major disadvantages related to chemist-bought mouthguards to take into consideration. Mouthguards from the chemist are:

  • Not as durable as those that come from the dentist and definitely do not offer the same amount of protection during sports play.
  • Often uncomfortable to wear due to an improper fit, which makes them more difficult to wear for the duration of the sporting match. This means that they often get left in the bag and not used by young people.
  • Often loose and bulky and can obstruct proper breathing, undermining the athlete’s ability to perform on the sporting field.
  • They don’t come in your team colours!

Custom-made mouthguards from the dentist

Mouthguards from the dentist are custom-made, which helps ensure a proper and comfortable fit. Dentists check to make sure that these protective devices fit the way they should and make adjustments as needed. These custom-made mouthguards do require more than one trip to the dentist for a consultation and fittings. They also cost more than ones that come from the chemist, since they must be individually created in a laboratory.

The advantages of custom-made mouthguards

Custom-made mouthguards offer important benefits compared to mouthguards from the chemist, including:

  • Better protection for those who play contact sports and for those who have a serious problem with teeth grinding.
  • Highly durable material that is less likely to be chewed through.
  • A custom fit so that wearing the mouthguard is comfortable. Comfortable mouthguards get worn!
  • A massive range of custom colours. Trendy mouthguards get worn and so protect more teeth.

If you would like more information on mouthguards for sports or teeth grinding, talk to your dentist about your options today. This can help you to determine your best mouthguard option.