Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment or Endodontics

Why are most people scared of root canal treatment? Modern root canal treatment has been revolutionized recently by the use of rotary nickel titanium files that speed treatment and give a more predictable finish. Most people are scared of root canals! It never surprises me how much people love to distress each other with bad stories about root canal treatments.

I care about my patients and don’t like to hurt any one. If the dentist is caring there is little reason for pain during the procedure. I do everything I can to make this procedure pain free and often have my patients fall asleep during root canal therapy. Communication is the key, and if you understand what is going on everything becomes much easier to cope with. At the surgery here we would expect to get a success rate of well above 95%, this is achieved as always by taking time and not rushing! A job well done usually involves much preparation and the same is true with root canal treatment.