Dental Surgery Treatments

Our newly renovated Dental Surgery in Chermside is fitted with all the equipment necessary to handle all dental surgery requirements.  Surgical procedures including dental implants, root canal treatment, teeth extractions and wisdom teeth removal are performed with care and thorough communication.

Root Canal treatment is often a source of concern for those suffering from endodontics.  The modern root canal treatments available today are fast and give a more predictable finish.  If your dentist is caring there is little reason for pain during the procedure, more information on root canal treatment can be found below.

Dental implants are one of the most exciting things to have happened to the Dental Profession over the last 25 years. When I was studying at Dental School, I went on an elective study abroad to Japan, and did a project on their studies into dental implants. Indeed King’s College Dental Hospital in 1986, where I trained, were at that time starting to place titanium dental implants invented by Brannemark.

I have chosen to use Nobel Biocare’s titanium dental implants, because they have the longest research history and track record. These implants are among the most expensive on the market, but are definitely the implants that I would want to have placed in my mouth after all my studies. There are many brands of implants on the market that are cheaper but it never pays to compromise on cost.

All those years ago Professor Brannemark discovered that pure titanium is biocompatible, that is bone and connective tissue actually join onto the surface of a prepared titanium surface and treats it as body tissue!

In the surgery, under local anaesthetic we prepare a ‘socket’ in the bone and shape it to receive the titanium ‘root analogue’. This is usually buried under the gum for at least three months and then later exposed once more and a healing connector placed and the gum replaced around it. After a short time a crown can be placed on the implant and “hey presto” you have a fully functioning ‘new tooth’!

Root Canal Treatment or Endodontics

Why are most people scared of root Canal treatment? Modern root canal treatment has been revolutionised recently by the use of rotary nickel titanium files that speed treatment and give a more predictable finish. Most people are scared of root canals! It never surprises me how much people love to distress each other with bad stories about root canal treatments.

I care about my patients and don’t like to hurt any one. If the dentist is caring there is little reason for pain during the procedure. I do everything I can to make this procedure pain free and often have my patients fall asleep during root canal therapy. Communication is the key, and if you understand what is going on everything becomes much easier to cope with. At the surgery here we would expect to get a success rate of well above 95%, this is achieved as always by taking time and not rushing! A job well done usually involves much preparation and the same is true with root canal treatment.

We provide the full range of extractions normally offered in the dental surgery and in addition remove wisdom teeth under Local Anaesthetic. After I qualified in England I worked as an Oral Surgery House Surgeon at King’s College Hospital. During that time I worked in Operating Theatres assisting with major Oral Surgery procedures. This time gave me much experience at removing wisdom teeth. I am happy to remove most wisdom teeth under Local Anaesthetic here in the surgery. This is an advantage for you because it is much less expensive than having them done under General Anaethetic.

In all our work we take time over your care, and make sure that you are as comfortable as possible, and give you as much control as we can in your treatment. Happy patients come back to us and end up being regular attenders. We look forward to helping you get over surgery as quickly as possible. It means so much to us when patients leave the surgery saying; “That wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be!” My reputation of being a “Sensitive Dentist” is really important to me.

Wisdom Teeth or Pericoronitis

Erupting wisdom teeth are a common cause of pain, in people of European origin wisdom teeth usually erupt into the mouth between the ages of 17 to 21. These teeth can erupt much earlier in people of African origin. The developing tooth has a bag around the crown called the dental follicle. As the tooth comes through, this bag opens into the mouth and bacteria can enter. If the tooth becomes jammed in place because of lack of space you can get an ulcer under the flap of tissue covering the tooth and it becomes acutely inflamed and painful. This is made much worse if the opposing tooth bites into the inflamed tissue! Treatment involves assessing if there is enough room for the wisdom tooth. If there is the flap of tissue can be carefully removed, if not the wisdom tooth should be removed.

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