Dentures / False Teeth

What are you looking for in replacing lost teeth? Most people would say comfortable well fitting dentures that look better than the originals! We can achieve that in most situations.

Dentures or false teeth don’t have to look like they are not your own teeth. Most of us have seen people whose teeth obviously look false. That does not have to happen to you! I like to treat you as an individual and choose the denture teeth to individually fit your facial shape and profile. If you happen to have a close up photo of your appearance before you lost your teeth bring it along and we will use it to create as natural a looking dentition as your own. There is no need to compromise on cosmetics when we make your teeth for you, and always go through two sets of impressions and then a ‘try in’ stage. This is where the teeth are set up in wax so that I can move them around to get the perfect shade of tooth and natural appearance that you are happy with.

So many of my patients say to me that they have never had a dentist that takes so much time over making them a set of teeth! I love to keep my good reputation even though it means that often people are so happy that we don’t see them for many years. I always tell my patients though that we do need to maintain dentures to ensure that you keep a healthy mouth. So regular check ups do still remain important.