Dental implants help patients resume their lifestyle prior to tooth loss

In the modern world of extended longevity, we have to look after our teeth very carefully for them to last a lifetime. It is very common to come across people with missing teeth. This can be very distressing if you have to lose some yourself.

If you have missing teeth it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible since choosing to replace them can impact greatly on your appearance and your ability to eat properly. It can also affect the health of the other remaining teeth. The major effect of tooth loss is a misalignment of the dental arch and the tilting of the adjacent teeth.

Apart from these dental complications, there are other obvious issues of poor appearance and loss of chewing function, which can be caused by having missing teeth. Although there are several ways to replace lost teeth dental implants should always be considered as a very good option for replacing missing teeth. Here are some of the main benefits of dental implants.

  1. Healthy and natural looking replacement teeth-  Successfully placed implants can give a stable and strong tooth replacement. A dental implant helps to restore the lost tooth so that it can fit and function like any other natural tooth. Other options of replacing teeth are available but may lead to deterioration or damage of adjacent teeth and may mean that you have bars or plates across the palate or under the tongue which can be uncomfortable.
  2. Long term solution- Implant supported dental bridges give a stable and cosmetically great alternative to dentures. With good care from the patient and dentist they can last for decades. It is important to point out however that no dental device lasts forever and you can expect they will need to be maintained. This is also the case of course with tooth supported bridges and dentures but most people feel that once dental implants are fitted they feel very natural.
  3. Ability to enjoy your daily life- Dental implants give a great result for most patients where they are indicated. You will able to smile, eat, drink and speak normally and confidently if they are fully integrated into the bone and carefully maintained. 
  4. Retain your normal face shape and smile- When a tooth is extracted the bone supporting the tooth disappears as well and the tissues tend to dip in and change contour. The aim of replacing the tooth quickly with a dental implant helps to maintain as much of the natural tissues as possible and to give good gum contour and shape. It is important to note however, that the longer the tooth is missing the more difficult it is to get a totally natural appearance. So there is a need to act quickly and discuss the matter with Dr Jest

Speak to your dentist about whether dental implants are suitable for you.