How your dentist can fix bad breath

Those who take good care of their oral health and especially their teeth, tend not to face dental emergencies and unsightly decay. Apart from this, recent scientific research is finding that poor oral health has links with cardiovascular disease and even possibly Alzheimers disease. If these findings prove true a healthy mouth consequently is a roadway to a healthy body.  Therefore, we should keep our teeth and mouth clean and well maintained. If we do, we can expect to have a happier healthier life less prone to chronic disease as we age.

Reasons for Teeth Staining and Yellow Appearance

Our teeth are really very resistant to staining but if we eat and drink some things they will darken, as the enamel is porous and traps staining material.

  • Those who regularly drink coffee and tea will usually have yellower teeth.
  • Smokers are more prone to stained teeth.
  • Improper brushing is also a factor which contributes, as plaque and hard deposits build up on the teeth which also stain.
  • Heavy alcohol consumption can stain teeth depending on the type.
  • Cannabis smoking causes a green grey staining, dry mouth and often contributes to dental neglect whch allows staining to enter softened enamel.
  • Tetracycline antibiotics given during tooth development cause a dark brown/grey internal staining.

Brushing is Not the Only Thing

The yellowish shade caused by surface stains on your teeth does gets lighter with daily brushing but it does not completely go away if it has penetrated into the enamel. With time, the enamel of your teeth does thin and wear especially if we eat very abrasive foods, brush with too abrasive toothpaste (smokers toothpaste), grind our teeth or drink acidic beverages, this thinning makes the yellower dentine underneath show through more and cause the tooth to appear darker. In addition as soon as the enamel is penetrated and the underlying dentine is exposed teeth are more prone to stains. In this situation brushing daily and even flossing are not enough to help. With the newest possible dental care products, getting rid of most yellowing and staining in teeth is not a big deal, unless it has been caused by Tetracycline antibiotics where bleaching has to be undertaken over many weeks to be successful. Sometimes we may need to mask the stain with veneers or crowns.

Do not Purchase a Wrong Product

There are many types of dental care products which promise you wonderful results – beware! Whitening strips are one such product.  They make the yellowish teeth appear white but, they are not able to do so for a long period of time. Similarly, many toothpastes make the same claim but not much difference is seen.

How to Get the Shine Back in Your Teeth?

Consult your dentist. You will be guided in the best way possible. They will suggest the best reasonable treatment for you. Never ever make the decisions about your oral health on your own.  If the problem has just started, they might suggest that you get normal bleaching. It is neither costly nor takes much time. It will help maintain the proper shine of your teeth.

However, there might be some cases in which beaching is not the right solution. Your dentist will certainly let you know what your choices are. Nowadays dentists have different ways which you can get that winning smile once again. The best bleaching system is the home bleach, but it should be supervised by your dentist using custom made bleach trays to stop gum damage. Never use over the counter products unless your dentist prescribes them.

Today’s technology will result in over 90% of people being able to have that whiter and brighter smile.