Dr Martin Jest Dental Surgery COVID-19 Pandemic news update 27/03/2020

COVID-19 Update: Dr Martin Jest Dental surgery open for emergencies only to minimise risks to staff and to do our bit in preventing cross infection in the community

Emergency Dental Treatment only

Heeding advice from the Australian Dental Association Queensland Branch we are now keeping open only for emergency dental treatment. We are also undertaking a few minor procedures that are aerosol free.

The problem of aerosols

Many dental procedures generate an aerosol. An aerosol is a spray of water that picks up potential virus particles in the mouth and lifts them into the air right where the dentist and dental nurse work. This means that if we have a patient with COVID-19 who is shedding virus particles they are very likely to be lifted into the air and possibly inhaled by myself or my staff (even though we use surgical facemasks) and also contaminate the surgery surfaces.

The chance of cross contamination between patients is slim because of our Infection Control policies which include barrier wrapping, sterilization of equipment, use of disposables and disinfection of surfaces between patients. We also social distance, screen for health before allowing entrance to the surgery building and regularly disinfect surfaces, doorhandles etc.

We are acting early for all our good

At this stage in the Pandemic we are acting early and not risking cross infection, consequently we will be treating emergency patients only from 27/3/2002 and even then, minimise aerosol production by using different dental techniques – use of a dental dam, and even then minimising aerosol production.

If you have any questions please ask. We are only a phone call away.

Do you have an emergency?

If you have a dental emergency we will triage and treat you if appropriate, after checking your general health status and making sure you don’t have a fever, cough, or any of the other COVID-19 symptoms. We will be here to help if we possibly can under our infection control management plan. Keep well, wash those hands and social distance to stay safe in these troubling times.